EUROGRIP Couplings

EuroGrip® flexible couplings connect two shafts subject to misalignment and axial movement and relieve stresses that a rigid coupling would offer.

The design of Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings is unique, with its OGEE lines allowing the coupling to act as a torque/life indicator for the drive.

Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings are available in sizes 19, 28, 42, 48 and 60 and are bored to suit a taper bush or a plain bore and keyway.

Gates EuroGrip® flexible couplings have high vibration damping capacity, which makes them especially suitable for direct drive applications in pumps and compressors.

Their high compliance is especially appreciated by designers of speed control systems, where resonance can be a problem. The zero backlash characteristics result in high positioning accuracy and repeatability, allowing a wide range of applications in the linear actuator market.

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